The True Cost of Ransomware

5 Companies, 5 Attacks, and the Reality of Recovery

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When it comes to the ransomware attacks we see in the news, we seldom get the full story. Attacks don’t start with ransom notes suddenly appearing out of nowhere, and their true impact doesn’t stop with victims buying decryption keys or recovering files from backup.

The reality of ransomware is often far different than what we may imagine and plan for. Infections can happen in the blink of an eye, yet the fallout from them can stretch out in unexpected ways — for days, weeks, sometimes months.

What's inside:

  • Special behind-the-scenes accounts of how ransomware infections played out inside five very different organizations
  • Attack and recovery timelines
  • Breakdowns of the true costs to the businesses
  • Key takeaways to help you prepare your own organization for preventing and recovering from attacks

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