Traditional AV vs Modern Day Attacks

How to find the right endpoint protection solution.

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How antivirus leaves businesses exposed.

Both traditional antivirus and next-generation antivirus are designed to block file-based malware. They work by scanning files on disk and quarantining malicious executables. Today, most attacks have evolved to bypass antivirus protection through new, fileless delivery techniques. Exploits, scripts, and macros are some of the vectors hackers use to execute malicious payloads undetected.

According to a 2017 Ponemon Survey, 54% of businesses were comprised in 2017 and of those attacks, 77% utilized exploits or fileless techniques. Overwhelmingly, respondents cited that over-reliance on traditional endpoint security has left organizations exposed to significant risk.

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Comparing endpoint protection options


How to choose the right endpoint protection.


How Barkly replaces antivirus and blocks modern attacks.

Barkly's Endpoint Protection Platform™ delivers the strongest protection against file-based malware, fileless attacks, and exploits. Barkly doesn’t scan files or look at signatures. Our patented agent, Rapidvisor, watches processes across multiple-layers of the system, and detects attacks through a combination of machine-learning attribute analysis and real-time behavior analysis. Barkly can identify and block attacks whether they are known or unknown, file-based or fileless


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