The Essential Guide to
Blocking Malware Without a SOC

How to Sabotage Attack Chains and Block Infections Before They Start

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Malware is evolving. Attacks are getting more complex. Traditional security solutions are failing, but every malware infection chain has at least one weak link. Break the chain, and the attack will fail.

That’s exactly what The Essential Guide to Blocking Malware Without a SOC is all about. It’s for busy admins who want to flip the script and make life difficult for cyber criminals for a change. Inside, you’ll learn how to take away the openings and tools attackers rely on most. As a result, you’ll lower your risk, reduce the number of alerts and noise you have to filter through, save your organization from downtime and recovery costs, and ultimately get more time back in your day.

If you’re looking for proactive quick wins with lasting impact, this guide is for you.

This 35-page guide will give you:

  • A practical, step-by-step game plan for breaking the most common attack chains
  • Spotlights on the most popular infection vectors — and how to secure them
  • A list of legitimate system tools attackers love abusing to evade detection and whitelisting
  • Tips for making weaponized Microsoft Office documents a dead-end for attackers
  • Checklists for sabotaging attackers’ other favorite tools and techniques

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