Simulate malware. Test your stack.

Stackhackr is a free malware simulation tool built by Barkly, to test your business’ endpoint security.

You'll create your own mock malware that simulates real malicious behavior without actually doing any harm.

  1. Choose your attack vector
  2. Pick your payload
  3. Test your security

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See what people are saying about stackhackr below.

Super simple to setup and use…[stackhackr] gives you almost instantaneous assurance whether what you have in place is working.”

Javvad Malik, AlienVault

I’m a big believer in always testing your network security. Been playing with stackhackr today and I love it!”

Jimmy Ray Purser, VMware

What if you could simulate malware attacks on your machines to show what can happen to executives and other non-technical people? Now you can.”

Kimberly Crawley, Tripwire

Who is Barkly?

Barkly delivers the strongest protection with the fewest false positives.

Barkly's Endpoint Protection Platform™ uses Responsive Machine Learning™ to uniquely block exploits, fileless, and file-based attacks. Barkly delivers fast, lightweight endpoint protection, administered through an easy-to-use cloud service.

Barkly Features - Blocks attacks
Blocks exploits and fileless attacks
Barkly Features - Responsive Machine Learning
Responsive machine learning
Barkly Features - Behavior Analysis
Real-time behavior analysis
Barkly Features - Prevents Damage
Prevents damage