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Helpful go-to security tools, tips, research, and guides


The Last Line of Prevention: Runtime Malware Defense  Block malware by recognizing behavior at runtime.

Data Sheets

Barkly vs. Next-Generation Antivirus  Why pre-execution defense isn’t enough.


Barkly blocks Cerber  See Barkly in action against Cerber ransomware.

Barkly blocks Spora  See Barkly in action against Spora ransomware.

Barkly blocks Satan  See Barkly in action against Satan ransomware.

Barkly blocks Revenge  See Barkly in action against Revenge ransomware.

Barkly blocks Zepto  See Barkly in action against Locky variant Zepto.

Barkly blocks Mimikatz  See Barkly block malware that antivirus doesn’t.


The Complete Guide to Ransomware  Everything you need to know about security's new #1 threat.

The Complete Guide to Runtime Malware Defense  Learn what it takes to stop attacks that antivirus can't see.

Phishing Emails: A Field Guide  Train your users to stop taking the bait.

The Open Source Cybersecurity Playbook  Build a solid game plan for preventing cyber attacks and data theft.

Ransomware Protection 101  A prescriptive guide for hospitals and healthcare providers.

IT Pro's Guide to Endpoint Protection  Understand your options and pick the best approach for you.


How Fast Does Ransomware Encrypt Files?  See what happens when our researchers put ransomware on the clock.

Cyber Attack Statistics  71% of companies targeted with ransomware were infected.

Stopping PowerShell Attacks that Bypass Antivirus  Even the smallest changes to a script are enough to avoid detection.

2016 Cybersecurity Confidence Report  See how your priorities, needs, and concerns match up with 350 IT pros.

Barkly Malware Chat  Encrypting files was only the beginning. Ransomware is growing up.

Lessons from Ransomware Victims  “The thought of getting hit again freaks me out daily.”

New Malware Alert  A new strain of fileless Kovter malware is posing as a Firefox update.


Ransomware Decryption Tool Finder  Unlock encrypted files without paying a cent.

Security Awareness Office Posters  Keep your users mindful of the horrors of careless clicking.

Ransomware Risk Assessment  How vulnerable are you to ransomware attacks? Find out now.


Endpoint Security Buyer's Guide  The information you need to make evaluating and buying endpoint security easy.

The Ransomware Survival Handbook  Instructions for preventing, responding, and recovering from an attack.

The Amazing Security Awareness Playbook  Make user training engaging, practical, and actually effective.

Cybersecurity Made Simple: A Getting Started Guide  A clear, step-by-step process for you take control of your security.

The Realist's Guide to Cybersecurity Awareness  Tips from industry experts for engaging and empowering employees.