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Hit with ransomware? Find out whether you can decrypt your files for free without paying the criminals a single cent.

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50% of companies hit with ransomware experience repeat attacks. With Barkly, you can start blocking ransomware now — before it encrypts another file.

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Just type in the file extension of your locked/encrypted files and we’ll check to see if there’s a free decryption tool you can use. Note: Some extensions are used by multiple ransomware variants.

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Important: Protect yourself from a repeat attack

With Barkly, you can start blocking ransomware now

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Name Extension Decryptor
.CryptoHasYou. .enc
777 .777
7ev3n .R4A
8lock8 .8lock8
Alcatraz Locker .Alcatraz
Alma Locker randomly generated extension
Alpha Ransomware .encrypt
Angry Duck .adk
Apocalypse .encrypted
AutoLocky .locky
Aw3s0m3Sc0t7 .enc
BadBlock No change
Bart .bart.zip
BitCryptor .clf
BitStak .bitstak
BlackShades Crypter .Silent
Blocatto .blocatto
Brazilian .lock
Central Security Treatment Organization .cry
Cerber .cerber
Cerber 2 .cerber2
Cerber 3 .cerber3
Chimera .crypt
CoinVault .clf
Comrade Circle .comrade
Coverton .coverton
CryFile .criptiko
CrypBoss .crypt
Crypt38 .crypt38
Crypt888 Lock.
CryptConsole unCrypte@outlook.com...
CryptFile2 .scl
CryptInfinite .crinf
CryptoDefense No change
CryptoFortress .frtrss
CryptoGraphic Locker .clf
CryptoHitman .porno
CryptoHost No change
CryptoJoker .crjoker
CryptoLocker (Not active) .encrypted
CryptoMix .code
CryptoTorLocker2015 .CryptoTorLocker2015!
CryptoWall 1-3 No change
CryptoWall 4 Extension encrypted
CryptXXX .crypt
CrySiS ..johnycryptor@hackermail.com.xtbl
CTB-Locker .ctbl
CuteRansomware .encrypted
DeCrypt Protect .html
Dharma .dharma
DMA Locker No change
DMA Locker 2 No change
DMA Locker 3 No change
DMA Locker 4 No change
DNRansomware .fucked
DXXD .dxxd
DynA-Crypt .crypt
EDA2 / HiddenTear .locked
El-Polocker .ha3
Enigma .enigma
Erebus encrypted extension
Evil Ransomware .file0locked
Exotic .exotic
Fakben .locked
Fantom .fantom
FenixLocker .centrumfr@india.com
GhostCrypt .Z81928819
GNL Locker .locked
GoldenEye random 8 character
Gomasom .crypt
Hades Locker .~HL
Harasom .html
Hi Buddy! .cry
HiddenTear .locked
HydraCrypt .hydracrypt_ID_[random numbers]
iLock .crime
iLockLight .crime
Jigsaw .btc
Job Crypter .locky
KeRanger .encrypted
KeyBTC .keybtc@inbox_com
KillerLocker .rip
KimcilWare .kimcilware
Kostya .kostya
LambdaLocker .lambda_locked
LeChiffre .LeChiffre
Legion .[#s]$f_tactics@aol.com$.legion
Lock93 .lock93
LockLock .locklock
Locky .locky
Lortok .crime
LowLevel04 oor.
Magic .magic
Marlboro .oops
MarsJoke No change
Merry X-Mas / MRCR .pegs1
MirCop .Lock
MireWare .fucked
MM Locker .locked
Mobef .KEYZ
n1n1n1 8-9 characters added to file name
NanoLocker No change
NMoreira .maktub
Nemucod .crypted
NoobCrypt No change
Nuke .nuclear55
ODCODC .odcodc
Offline ransomware .cbf
OMG! Ransomware .LOL!
Operation Global III .exe
OzozaLocker .locked
PClock No change
Petya None (encrypts hard drive instead)
Popcorn Time .filock
PowerWare .locky
Princess Locker random
Radamant .RDM
Rakhni .locked
RansomPlus .encrypted
Razy .razy
Rector .vscrypt
RemindMe .remind
Rokku .rokku
Sage .sage
Samas / SamSam .encryptedAES
Sanction .sanction
Satan .stn
Satana .[email address_original name]
SerbRansom 2017 .velikasrbija
Serpent .serpent
Scraper No change
SilentShade .Silent
Simple_Encoder .~
SkidLocker / Pompous .locked
Smrss32 .encrypted
SNSLocker .RSNSlocked
Spora no change
Sport .sport
Stampado .locked
Strictor .locked
Surprise .surprise
SZFLocker .szf
Telecrypt No change
TeslaCrypt 0.x - 2.2.0 .vvv
TeslaCrypt 3.0+ .micro
TeslaCrypt 4.1A .exx
TeslaCrypt 4.2 .xxx
TorrentLocker .Encrypted
Toxcrypt .toxcrypt
Trojan.Encoder.6491 .enc
Troldesh / Shade .better_call_saul
TrueCrypter .enc
UmbreCrypt .umbrecrypttmp_ID_[#s]
Ungluk .H3LL
VaultCrypt .vault
Venus Locker .Venusf
Virlock no change
Virus-Encoder .CrySiS
Wildfire .wflx
Xorist .EnCiPhErEd
XPTLock .XPTLock5.0
XRTN .xrtn
Zcrypt .zcrypt
Zlader / Russian .vault
Zyka .lock
Zyklon .zyklon

Sorry, we couldn't find any matches.

Latest decryptor additions (2/10/17): DynA-Crypt, HiddenTear

Why did we make this?

Ransomware has become a full-blown crisis, with attacks skyrocketing 300% this year alone. We hate ransomware as much as you do, and we think it’s vital to share tools we can all use to fight back. Know of a decryptor tool or a ransomware file extension not on this list? Submit it by contacting us here.

*** Special thanks to Florian Roth and his fellow contributors for inspiring us to create this tool with their fantastic ransomware overview.

No decryptor tool available? Next time block ransomware for free

Barkly is a new layer of protection you can use to stop ransomware immediately — before it encrypts a single file. You can try it out free here. You’ll even be protected from ransomware that’s brand new and hasn’t been seen before.

How Barkly Stops Ransomware

Barkly is a new layer of protection you can use on top of antivirus to stop ransomware before it encrypts a single file. Barkly’s protection is automatic, and doesn't require security expertise or administrator action.

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How Barkly Stopped CryptoWall 4.0 on Day One

CryptoWall is a common ransomware attack that encrypts critical files. CryptoWall 3.0 was reported to gross over $300 million dollars in ransoms. When CryptoWall 4.0 was released in November 2015, its signature changed, leaving millions of antivirus users unprotected until their vendors could release an update – a process that took days.

Like its predecessors, CryptoWall 4.0 used a process injection strategy to attack systems. Barkly recognized this behavior and stopped CryptoWall 4.0 automatically, with no updates needed.

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