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The strongest protection, without compromise.

Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform

Blocks today's most sophisticated attacks without adding complexity.

Barkly Features - Blocks attacks

Strongest protection

Barkly Features - Blocks attacks

Fewest false positives

Barkly Features - Blocks attacks

Simplest management

Shut the door on fileless attacks.

Malware constantly evolves to evade detection. Exploits and fileless attacks are fast becoming the biggest threat to company endpoints. File-based protection like antivirus can’t stop them.

Barkly blocks these exploits, fileless, and file-based attacks with a patented approach to runtime protection.

Barkly Responsive Machine Learning

We use Responsive Machine Learning to train and test protection models against thousands of new malware and goodware samples each night. Protection evolves with the threat landscape to keep you a step ahead.


Barkly Rapidvisor®

Our Rapidvisor® agent provides visibility into behaviors across multiple levels of the system and all the way down to the CPU, enabling the strong runtime protection that enables us to block exploits, in-memory attacks, and script-based attacks that traditional protection can’t see.

Minimize false positives with Responsive Machine Learning

Strong protection doesn’t have to come with the burden of managing false positives. Instead of relying on whitelisting, Barkly is engineered to minimize false positives without requiring administrator action.

Trained to recognize goodware

Barkly protection is trained to distinguish between malware and goodware by analyzing thousands of malware and goodware samples nightly.

Organization-specific models

With visibility into each organization’s unique software profile, Responsive Machine Learning automatically develops protection models that are tailored to maximize coverage and accuracy for your organization.


Proven protection
across the major attack vectors

Barkly protection works across the major attack vectors to block attacks early, before ransomware, credential stealers, trojans, or other malicious payloads can execute. With Barkly, your organization is safe from data loss, data theft, and damage.

Fileless Malware Protection

Barkly identifies and blocks fileless attacks, including script and macro-based malware. End users are protected while maintaining their access to beneficial macros and scripts.

Exploit Protection

Barkly’s unique visibility into CPU-level processes enables us to see exploit activity that other protection can’t. Our behavior analysis identifies and blocks exploits and exploit kits before malware is delivered.

File-Based Malware Protection

Barkly uses machine learning to analyze the attributes of every file the moment it starts to execute. If attribute analysis is conclusive, Barkly blocks the attack. If it isn’t conclusive, Barkly continues to monitor the process, blocking it when it attempts to do something malicious.

Streamlined management in the cloud

Installation and use of Barkly couldn’t be any more painless. From our trial to the creation of an account, things have gone smoothly and almost effortlessly. Barkly performed well in testing, and does not impact system performance like other solutions do.

Michael Gibson, IT Systems Manager

Barkly Portal - 5 minute onboarding Barkly Portal - Automatic device upgrades Barkly Portal - Notifications Barkly Portal - Incident reporting Barkly Portal - Chat support
  • 5 minute setup

    Simply Download and run the Barkly installer to protect your devices. No special configuration required.

  • Automatic device upgrades

    Barkly automatically upgrades your devices to the latest and greatest protection. Keeping track of devices is simple.

  • Notifications

    Stay in the know without checking the portal by setting up notifications whenever Barkly stops something.

  • Incident reporting

    Get the details on every attack Barkly stops. See the device, time, user, and behavior identified.

  • Chat support

    If anything comes up, we have your back. Our customer success team is a click away.

Get the strongest possible protection for your organization.

Barkly maximizes coverage and accuracy for your organization without creating more work for you. Let our team show you how it works.

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Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform

Barkly delivers the strongest protection with the fewest false positives and simplest management. Barkly uses Responsive Machine Learning to uniquely block exploits, fileless, and file-based attacks at runtime.

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