Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform

Advancing endpoint security with the strongest, smartest protection delivered with simplicity


Barkly Features - Blocks attacks

Barkly ProtectIQTM

Multi-Vector Attack Blocking


Barkly Features - Blocks attacks

Barkly EvolveIQTM

Continuous Learning Engine


Barkly Features - Blocks attacks

Barkly CommandIQTM

Management Portal

Barkly ProtectIQtm

Breaks complex attacks
at the earliest opportunity

Today’s attacks leverage multiple techniques to get on the endpoint, gain access to resources, and detonate their payloads. Barkly’s Multi-Vector Attack Blocking recognizes the techniques used at every stage of these attacks to break them early, before any damage is done.

The protection dynamically combines machine-learning-powered attribute models and behavior indicators to identify and block malicious techniques and intent in real-time. Barkly’s Rapidvisor® has the deepest visibility of any endpoint agent, monitoring processes across user space, the OS, and the CPU to see and block more attacks.


Barkly EvolveIQtm

Automatically converts intelligence into strong protection

The Barkly EvolveIQTM Continuous Learning Engine uses Responsive Machine LearningTM to keep protection a step ahead of threats and maximizes efficacy for every organization.

Automated sample collection

Barkly EvolveIQTM automatically gathers new malware and goodware samples from online databases, research universities, and customer endpoints.

Nightly training

Responsive Machine Learning analyzes the samples and trains protection models against the newest threats every night.

Organization-specific models

Protection models are tailored based on each organization’s unique software profile to maximize protection and minimize false positives for every organization.

Barkly CommandIQtm

Eliminates management complexity

The Barkly CommandIQTM Management Portal makes protection alerts, insights, and actions accessible anytime and anywhere, from a desktop or mobile device.
Barkly leverages intelligent automation to simplify complex workflows, making the strongest, smartest protection accessible without security expertise.

Automatic upgrades
Real-time alerts & reporting
1-click incident response
<1% CPU

"Barkly is completely modernizing endpoint protection software. It's the first interface I've used that actually makes it easier to manage protection."

Neal Richardson
Director of Technology, Monadnock Regional Schools District

Certified to replace legacy antivirus.

Barkly Endpoint Protection enables you to eliminate your traditional antivirus with stronger, smarter protection and simpler management.

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