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Try Barkly free, then pay monthly or annually

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Barkly makes strong security that anyone can use. As a free trial user or customer, you’ll have full access to our product and support, including:

  • Protection from ransomware and zero-day attacks
  • Lightweight agent using less than 1% of CPU
  • Intuitive cloud-based management portal
  • 10 device minimum
  • Free chat and email support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?

Yes! You can try Barkly free for 15 days on an unlimited number of devices. No credit card is required to start a trial. Sign up here.

Which payment plan should I choose?

Choose the monthly plan if you want flexibility. Customers on this plan are billed monthly based on the number of devices with Barkly installed. You can add or remove devices at any time, and your next monthly bill will reflect new charges or credits prorated based on your usage.

Choose the annual plan if you want an easy, up front payment and know how many devices you want to protect. You can still add or remove devices at any time, and will be billed quarterly for any new devices added outside the original annual agreement. We currently do not offer credits for uninstalled devices under our annual contract plan.

Is there a minimum purchase?

There is a 10 device minimum purchase.

Are different features available in each plan?

No. Barkly offers the same protection and features across all plans, including free chat and email support – the only difference is how you pay.

Can I add or remove devices after purchasing?

Customers on both the monthly and annual plans can add Barkly protection to new devices or uninstall protection at any time. Monthly plan customers will be charged or credited a pro-rated amount for changes to device count on their next monthly bill. Annual plan customers will be billed quarterly for additional devices, but will not be credited for removed devices.

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