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Phishing attacks don't stand a chance.

Phishing emails are the #1 delivery mechanism for malware. Don't leave your company's security up to users' stray clicks. Get the protection you need today with Barkly's Runtime Malware Defense.

of organizations have suffered phishing attacks
of phishing emails get opened

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No credit card required. Easy setup. Currently supports Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

How Barkly's Runtime Malware Defense stops malware:

Barkly Features - Monitor activity in real-time

Monitors activity in real-time

Our agent, Rapidvisor®, monitors activity across multiple levels of the system in real-time.

Barkly Features - Spots Behaviors

Recognizes malicious behavior

We don’t stop malware based on isolated behaviors - we recognize sequences of activity that form the DNA of an attack.

Barkly Features - Blocks attacks

Blocks attacks before damage is done

When we recognize ransomware and other malware, we stop the process from executing.

Watch Barkly stop ransomware in its tracks.


Runtime Malware Defense prevents damage from phishing attacks.

Phishing emails are designed to sneak malware into your organization by tricking your users. Hackers hide malware inside email attachments and malicious links, and users take the bait. Once the malware starts executing, it's too late for antivirus to stop the attack.

Fortunately, there's a way to detect malware from phishing attacks before it does harm. The solution is Runtime Malware Defense.

Barkly's Runtime Malware Defense detects and blocks malware at runtime by recognizing malicious behaviors in the earliest stages of an attack. It blocks the malware delivered by phishing emails after users click, but before any damage is done.

Adding the protection you need is easy with Barkly.

  • Looks at behaviors instead of signatures so it can stop never-before-seen malware
  • Blocks ransomware and zero-day attacks so your company won’t lose data
  • Uses less than 1% of CPU so it’s practically imperceptible to users
  • Has a cloud-based portal for easy management and reporting online
  • Chat support is available through the portal so you can get help if you need it
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No credit card required to start. Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. Easy setup.

“Installation and use of Barkly couldn’t be any more painless. From our trial to the creation of an account, things have gone smoothly and almost effortlessly. Barkly performed well in testing, and does not impact system performance like other solutions do. Support from Barkly is beyond anything I expected.”

Michael Gibson, IT Systems Manager

Request a free, 15 day trial

No credit card required. Easy setup. Currently supports Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.