Security has reached a tipping point

Organizations lose millions due to zero-day and fileless attacks

The 2018 State of Endpoint Security Risk Report

The findings in this year’s State of Endpoint Security Risk report, independently conducted by Ponemon Institute, paint a stark picture. Not only are more organizations experiencing successful attacks on their endpoints, the cost of these compromises has increased 42% year over year. The threats organizations are facing are rapidly changing, and, for the first time, traditional security solutions are missing more attacks than they are blocking.

Download the report or watch the webinar to learn how the threat landscape is evolving, which attacks pose the biggest threat to your organization, and the biggest challenges to reducing your risk.

State of Endpoint Security Risk: Key Findings

Cyber Attack Costs are Soaring

Cost increase of a successful attack from 2017 to 2018


Amount lost per endpoint due to successful attack

Zero-Day Attacks are an Organization's Biggest Threat

Percentage of organizations compromised in the last 12 months


Likelihood of zero-day attack bypassing existing defenses compared to traditional attack methods

Existing Defenses Leave Organizations Exposed

Rate of attacks missed by antivirus


Average number of days before applying new patches to endpoints

How much would a successful attack actually cost your organization?

Successful attacks cost organizations $440 per endpoint in 2018 as a result of downtime, productivity loss, infrastructure damage and lawsuits or fines.

Enter your company size to calculate the impact a successful attack would have on your organization.

Cost of Successful Attack

Total lost from downtime $0
Total lost from IT / end-user productivity loss $0
Total lost from reputation damage $0
Total lost from theft of assets / IP $0
Total lost from infrastructure damage $0
Total lost from lawsuits, fines $0
Total cost of a successful attack $0

Blocking today’s attacks requires a new approach to endpoint security

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