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Phishing Field Guide
How to Keep Your Users Off the Hook

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Phishing is the #1 delivery vehicle for ransomware and other malware.

Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

Every day, cyber criminals send out millions of phishing emails.

They are designed to steal W-2s, access sensitive account information, and spread malware, including ransomware. And every day, 1 in 5 users who receive one of those emails will open it and click.

With the Phishing Field Guide you’ll find out how to keep your users safe — by learning how to see them from a phisher’s perspective. Understand why they’re being targeted, what makes them susceptible, and what types of tricks they’re falling for. Then get better at teaching them how to stop taking the bait.

What's inside?

  • An overview of who in your organization is most likely to get phished.
  • Easy-to-follow tips for employees at every level of your company.
  • Sample phishing emails that break down just what to look for in a phishing attack.


A printable checklist of tips and best practices to share with your users to help them recognize and avoid phishing emails.