Budget and Buy-in: Getting Executives Invested in Cybersecurity

How to Make a Strong Business Case to Your C-Suite or Board

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Get the budget and resources you need by explaining why it’s the right business decision to make.

Convincing leadership to invest more in security can be frustrating. For many execs, not only is security outside their comfort zone, it’s also outside their immediate priorities (until a data breach means it isn’t). It’s tempting to make a strong technical case, or even try to scare executives straight, but ultimately the best way to get leadership buy-in is with a better business case. That’s exactly what this guide will help you build.  

What’s inside:

  • Relevant statistics to help you make a stronger case for better security
  • Real-world attack examples to help bring those stats to life
  • Interactive calculator to put a dollar amount on your current risk
  • List of executive questions to be ready for
  • Sample slides to help you build your own presentation

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