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Floppy Disks to Fileless

How Ransomware is Evolving into the Perfect Crime

Over the past 3 years, the explosive growth in reported ransomware has turned it into a top threat for organizations of all types and sizes. Why? Ransomware has all the attributes of a perfect crime. It is simple to mount a ransomware campaign, the costs are vanishingly small, and the threat vectors and payment mechanisms make it virtually untraceable. What criminal isn’t drawn to an easy, profitable, risk-free payday?

As we’ve seen with WannaCry, and now Petya, broad, automated attacks are showing us that cyber criminals are learning from their mistakes and evolving their tactics with each campaign, increasing the speed with which they spread, the chaos that they cause, and the likelihood that they will get paid.

They are iterating on the criminal’s creed: How can they make more money, faster, and without getting caught?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Jack Danahy, Barkly CTO, discuss how the threat of Ransomware has grown and changed over time, and why these attacks will grow in frequency and sophistication over the next year. You’ll learn about the most recent attacks, how they worked, and the strategies for protecting your organization against them and their offspring.

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