The Amazing Security Awareness Playbook

How to make user training engaging, practical, and actually effective

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Most security awareness training is a waste of time.

Users think it's boring. Companies see it as a box they have to check. Cue up the yearly tuned-out training session. Send out an unread email or two. Call it good. Meanwhile, wave after wave of ransomware and phishing attacks continue to make hay off costly user mistakes.

Ready to do (and see) things differently?

That's where The Amazing Security Awareness Playbook comes in. See what security really looks like through the eyes of your users, then learn how to apply that perspective to awareness programs they actually engage in and retain.

What's inside:

  • Training approaches and templates users won't ignore
  • Framework for building your own engaging security awareness program
  • The wonders of UserVision (visual reminders of how users see security)
  • Tips for raising security awareness with the C-suite

Bonus! These will help you get your program off the ground:

  • Security Awareness Program Checklist
  • User Persona Worksheet
  • Program Goals Worksheet

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