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Helpful go-to security tools, tips, research, and guides


The Last Line of Prevention: Runtime Malware Defense  •  Prevent damage from attacks that antivirus doesn’t stop.


The Complete Guide to Ransomware  •  Everything you need to know about security's new #1 threat.

Phishing Emails: A Field Guide  •  Train your users to stop taking the bait.

The Open Source Cybersecurity Playbook  •  Build a solid game plan for preventing cyber attacks and data theft.

Ransomware Protection 101  •  A prescriptive guide for hospitals and healthcare providers.

IT Pro's Guide to Endpoint Protection  •  Understand your options and pick the best approach for you.


How Fast Does Ransomware Encrypt Files?  •  See what happens when our researchers put ransomware on the clock.

Cyber Attack Statistics  •  71% of companies targeted with ransomware were infected.

Stopping PowerShell Attacks that Bypass Antivirus  •  Even the smallest changes to a script are enough to avoid detection.

2016 Cybersecurity Confidence Report  •  See how your priorities, needs, and concerns match up with 350 IT pros.

Barkly Malware Chat  •  Encrypting files was only the beginning. Ransomware is growing up.

Lessons from Ransomware Victims  •  “The thought of getting hit again freaks me out daily.”

New Malware Alert  •  A new strain of fileless Kovter malware is posing as a Firefox update.


Ransomware Decryption Tool Finder  •  Unlock encrypted files without paying a cent.

Security Awareness Office Posters  •  Keep your users mindful of the horrors of careless clicking.


Endpoint Security Buyer's Guide  •  Skip the jargon and get the information you need to make evaluating and buying endpoint security easy.

The Ransomware Survival Handbook  •  Are you doing everything you can to keep your users safe from ransomware? Clear step-by-step instructions for containing and responding to an attack.

The Amazing Security Awareness Playbook  •  Most security awareness training is a waste of time. Ready to do (and see) things differently?

Cybersecurity Made Simple: A Getting Started Guide  •  This 48-page guide gives you a clear, step-by-step process to take control of your security.

The Realist's Guide to Cybersecurity Awareness  •  Industry experts give their tips for engaging and empowering employees in the real world.