Survey Reveals 45% of Businesses Don’t Have Adequate Time to Investigate and Respond to Incidents

Barkly Brings Signature Ease-of-Use and Automation to Enable Faster Response, Remediation, and Visualization of Attacks in Version 3.0

A new survey released today by Barkly, the company advancing endpoint security by combining the strongest, smartest protection with the simplest management, revealed that 45% of organizations don’t have adequate time to investigate and respond to the incidents they are currently seeing. Many of these incidents are the result of an increasing number of advanced, successful attacks. 88% of respondents reported there are types of advanced attacks that their current endpoint security solution can’t stop. It’s not surprising, then, that the top endpoint security priority for organizations is adding or improving protection.

The survey of IT and security professionals at companies ranging in size from 50-10,000 endpoints further revealed that the top four essential endpoint security features in order are: antivirus/anti-malware, incident containment (quarantining), incident remediation, and forensics/root cause analysis. Respondents’ top frustrations with their current endpoint security solutions are: lack of visibility into incidents (27%), the slowing down of user machines (27%), inability to block all threats (25%), too many false positives (25%), and limited investigative/response features (25%).

“To reduce the number of incidents and time spent on investigation and response, organizations should first seek stronger protection capable of stopping modern attack techniques,” said Fernando Montenegro, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “By blocking attacks early and reducing false positives, organizations can avoid unfeasible strain on bandwidth.”

Barkly’s patented three-level architecture provides unmatched visibility to see and block attacks. By combining information from CPU hardware extensions, kernel-level drivers, and user-space analytics, Barkly provides the strongest protection against infection and exploitation techniques used in today’s advanced attacks. With the launch of Barkly 3.0, organizations can now quickly and easily respond to attacks with 1-click response and remediation, root cause identification, and attack visualization. New features in version 3.0 include:

Simple 1-Click Response from any device:

  • Endpoint isolation: Empowers administrators to simply remove a device from the network to contain an attack when a malicious incident is identified. Once they have completed their investigation, administrators can easily bring the device back online using Barkly’s portal on their desktop or smartphone.
  • File quarantine & delete: When Barkly blocks an executable, it can be automatically quarantined to prevent the end user from accessing and making new attempts to execute it. This ensures containment, reduces noise, and enables administrators to access the file for further investigation or delete it permanently from the device.

Automated Root Cause Identification:

  • Automated end-user insights: An automated, interactive way for users to provide context for administrators on their activity when a malicious file or process was blocked. This automated feedback loop enables faster, simpler, and smarter incident and attack investigation. Through this automation, organizations can now increase productivity by reducing the time spent on incident investigation.
  • Incident Path Visualization: Enables administrators to trace malicious processes detected by Barkly back to their origins in a simple, intuitive way. This allows organizations to understand what caused the incident and leverage the insights to improve their strategy moving forward.

“Stronger protection is critical for organizations overwhelmed by the number of incidents they are forced to chase down. Without an endpoint protection solution capable of stopping all attack techniques, while minimizing false positives, organizations will be stretched unnecessarily thin,” said Mike Duffy, CEO of Barkly. “For this reason, customers are increasingly replacing their antivirus and next-generation endpoint solutions with Barkly’s superior protection plus automated response and remediation.”

About Barkly

Barkly is advancing endpoint security by combining the strongest protection, smartest technology, with the simplest management. The Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform™ blocks attacks across all vectors and intents, including exploits, scripts, executables, and ransomware. Barkly is the only protection with visibility into all levels of the system, including the CPU and stays up-to-date through its continuous machine-learning engine that automatically converts threat intelligence into powerful protection through nightly training on malware and customer-specific goodware. Barkly requires no security expertise to setup and deploy and makes management simple through any desktop or mobile device. Barkly is independently certified for antivirus replacement, HIPAA, PCI DSS & NIST by Coalfire and AV-TEST. Barkly is formed by an elite team of security and SaaS experts from IBM, Cisco and Intel, and is backed by investors NEA and Sigma Prime. Learn more by visiting us at or follow us on Twitter @BarklyProtects.


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