It’s not you, it’s your antivirus.

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Today’s attacks are evading antivirus by using new, fileless delivery techniques that are 10X more likely to succeed than file-based malware. To keep your organization safe, you need complete protection against fileless attacks and exploits in addition to malicious executables — is your current AV meeting your needs?

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6 Signs It's Time to dump your AV

  1. It's high maintenance: You spend too much time managing whitelists/updates.
  2. It's always late: You're tired of being left hanging while it plays catch-up with new malware.
  3. It's stopped trying: It hasn't kept up with the times and can't stop fileless attacks.
  4. You can't always trust it: Enough with all the false positives.
  5. It's let itself go: What happened to that lightweight, no-impact solution you used to know?
  6. It doesn’t get along with your friends: It's too controlling and just had a falling out with Windows.

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