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Stop worrying where your users click.

Free for 15 days. No credit card necessary. Set up in 5 minutes.

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We block attacks so you don't have to stress.

User-proof endpoints

User-proof endpoints

We block the stuff users let in through phishing, malvertising, and bad URLs.

Prevent data loss and downtime

Prevent data loss and downtime

We stop attacks before they do harm, so there's no disruption for you or your users.

Get help when you need it

Get help when you need it

We've got your back with live chat and email support from real people.

Barkly is a last line of defense against infection.

We stop attacks at runtime by recognizing behavior. It's easy to implement and works alongside your other layers of protection. Let us show you around.

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We're not antivirus. We stop the attacks that get through.

Looks at behaviors instead of signatures

Blocks ransomware and zero-day attacks

Uses less than 1% of CPU

Easy management and reporting online


It only takes a few minutes to make your company more secure.

No credit card required. Set up in 5 minutes. Live chat support for every trial user. Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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