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BarklyTM stops attacks that hide from antivirus.

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You already have antivirus protection. Barkly stops the modern and zero-day attacks that still get through. It’s strong, fast, affordable, and easy to use.

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Keep Users Safe & Happy

Protect your users without slowing them down. Deploy Barkly the same way you currently distribute software and patches. No end user action required. When an attack is stopped, we let end users know what happened so they won’t do it again.


Stop Today's Attacks

Barkly watches for the behavior of malware as it attempts to attack your system. This behavior-based approach recognizes and stops never before seen attacks that match-based solutions can’t, plugging a critical protection gap.


Sit Back

Barkly begins protecting users as soon as it is installed, and it updates automatically. Check on systems, activity, and the status of your devices whenever you’d like in the Barkly web app. And relax, we’ll let you know when we stop an attack.

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